candle lacquer for a high-gloss finish *Sample*


candle lacquer for a high-gloss finish *Sample*

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candle dipping lacquer for a high-gloss finish
- High-quality candle dipping lacquer for high-gloss finish
- Quick and easy application
- Protects against scratches and dust
- Ideal for making your own candles
- Suitable for use with printed transfer foils

Do you want to give your homemade candles an attractive high-gloss effect in just a few seconds? Then our candle dipping lacquer is the perfect solution for you. It can be enough for several candles and provides an easy way to give your candles a premium look. Our lacquer is not only easy to apply but also provides protection against scratches and dust.

To apply the lacquer, simply take a finished candle and dip it quickly into the lacquer. The lacquer is ready to use and should lie as thinly as possible around the candle.