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Terms & Conditions

All online classes are subject to the following Terms & Conditions.
When purchasing a video or PDF download from Hormscent you are required to tick a box indicating that you have read, understood and agree to the conditions below.
Please note that once purchased there can be no full refund, partial refund or right to cancellation as all courses are instant access.
Details of all course content is listed in the description alongside the course you are purchasing.

Purchase outside the UK

Prices are in pound sterling only for each course purchased. Hormscent is not liable for any additional charges, taxes, import duty or other cost which may be imposed. Please check with your relevant authorities or bank prior to purchase.


Online classes are received in an instant accessable format. It is your responsibility to operate the correct system for viewing at the time of purchase. 

Classes and any associated PDFs are for individual use and your viewing pleasure only. They are exclusively the intellectual property of Hormscent , they must not be shared or used for group viewing, teaching purposes, commercial use, copying or onward sale. Any abuse of use or infringement of copyright and the appropriate action will be taken.

It is my intention to teach you to make beautiful Candles. Teaching my designs as your own in the same way for your own gain is a breach of copyright and action will be taken.


Please be assured that we do not share any personal data with third parties or organisations unless required to facilitate processing of your order. Any information gathered from you is purely for the sale of the course and processing payments.


Once you have purchased a class you will receive a link to join my private Facebook page. This is an exclusive community page for sharing work, ideas and providing support to one another . I will also be there when I can for ongoing support where needed.  It is a friendly, happy place and is not for personal advertising. Please be kind to one another, advice and support is free. One strike and you are out. There is of course no obligation to join.

Thank you so much for purchasing your video. If you encounter any problems with your purchase then please contact Pattra directly on